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It’s just a cedar sided, 16×16 cabin with a loft and no running water. But it is on five acres (plenty of room for a 24 dog team), has a large shed (for food, harnesses, sleds, tools, etc) and is near one of the best winter trail system in Fairbanks.

It will take some time and funding to get the cabin totally ready for it’s first seaons – winter 2014.

Some of the land needs to be cleared for the team and also to protect the cabin from forest fires. Then a dog yard needs to be built – fences, dog houses, swivels, chains, play areas, etc. We will want to add water. We can haul it if we have to, it has been done before. But fueling 20+ dogs is work enough without having to haul water on top of it.

The shed will get outfitted as a workshop and storage area. It has a huge overhang which looks kinda odd (not sure why it has it) but with some 2×4’s it can be made into a two level storage area for the sleds.

We are in a great spot for fall training. So, we’ll need to get a hold of a four wheeler.

And of course, the most important part – custom made sleds for teaching disable persons how to run a dog team.

It sound like a lot of work. But to honest. It’s just perfect!


The Cabin in Gold Stream Valley

Dog Mushing Nonprofit gets a Cabin in Alaskasled dogs get nonprofit donation