Race Team

The Noble Paws Race Team

This program is available to qualified at-risk and disabled participants. Race team requires long term commitment and regular participation in the program.

Most Race Team members come once a week for the duration of the season and make mushing a regular part of their weekly routine. Others prefer to do 1-2 week long intensive training’s.

Participants learn how to handle the dogs and drive a sled, this includes:

  • Sled dog positions and roles within the team
  • Steering, stopping and general control of a dog sled
  • Lead dog commands and communication
  • Harnessing the dogs
  • Moving dogs from one position in the team to another
  • Care and feeding of the dogs

Race season begins in January and all participants that demonstrate the ability to independently run their own team are invited to join in the competitive race season.

All Race Team participants have a role and are interdependent on each others ability to meet expectations. In other words, everyone: cleans the dog yard, trains the dogs, handles dogs during races, etc.

Participants are assigned specific responsibilities throughout the year and are given the opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity. The success of this program is dependent on all members of the team working together.

On non-race weekends, Race Team participants assist with the Noble Paws Mushing School.

To be part off the Noble Paws Race Team you will need be referred to our program by your counselor or recommended by your service provider. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

NOTE: Space is limited for this program. Interested participates should contact us as early as possible. Season begins in October.