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We are excited and honored to announce that we have officially received our first donation! Many thanks to Buckwheat Donahue of Skagway, Alaska for your $200 donation. We are humbled by your support and appreciate your generous gift.

For those interested in supporting Noble Paws you can visit our donation page to make your donation. Since we are a new nonprofit your donation will go towards feeding our dogs, purchasing our sleds, securing our insurance, as well as other general operating expenses. We are fortunate to have dedicated staff who are willing to donate their time to help Noble Paws get up and running.

If you are unable to make a cash donation but would still like to help in others ways just contact us and let us know. We would welcome most any support you are able to offer.

Note: we are still in the process of applying for our 501.c.3 tax exempt status. And though it is not guaranteed, we expect to be tax exempt in the coming months. Donations made prior to are official tax exempt status will count as a tax exempt donation retroactively. So, keep your receipts if you want to use your donation for tax purposes.

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