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For the last 10 years, Noble Paws’ home has been in the Goldstream Valley with it’s founder, Steve Vick. When Steve decided to retire this year, he approached Kaycee with the proposal that The Goat Project would take over Noble Paws and continue the legacy of helping those in need. Steve didn’t anticipate the truckload of enthusiasm that Kaycee ran him over with and the changeover was well underway by the beginning of summer, 2023. The Goat Project Kennel is honored to have this opportunity and we are so thankful for Steve’s hard work and dedication in setting us up for success.

Don’t worry folks, Noble Paws didn’t move far. The Goat Project is only 7 miles away on Murphy Dome Road with access to an awesome trail system with different levels of difficulty for every musher. The programs, individuals, and equipment you have sponsored will remain much the same, with some new additions.

What has changed? The dogs, the location, and there are some new volunteer faces! The Goat Project Kennel (Goat- Get Out And Try) dogs are experienced athletes that work well with children and adults and have transported hundreds of people across the Interior, raced in junior and professional races up to 300 miles and camped many long winter nights in the bush. Check out the dog page to see the new faces! Some of you will be excited to hear that the Goat Project is also home to a flock of chickens, geese, and bunnies.

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