Photo by: PhilippeStanus

Life with Dogs

Noble Paws has a team of 16 sled dogs that are leased from Trail Breaker Kennel. They are a well trained team of huskies with plenty of experiencing (including races) and energy.

These dogs are smart, discipline and friendly around kids and adults. We don’t consider them a “race” team, but they are certainly a fine example of what a professional dog team looks like.

The pictures below are from trips on the trail, days hanging in the dog yard and other adventures with the dogs. We will be updating this page on a regular basis throughout the season.


Loco is a high spirited team dog who can sometimes run lead. She’s got some ‘tude.


Boulder is a solid team dog and sometime leader. She is lovable with humans but sometimes feisty with other dogs.


Muggle likes to run in lead and swing. She likes to look back at the musher for commands, which is cool because she has such cool eyes.


This big guy runs everywhere well – lead, swing team and wheel. He is such a lovable guy too.


Aurora is a team dog. Though she can run some lead. She is a very sweet little girl.

The A-Team

This is a quick introduction to the dogs on our A-team. The A-team leads the way down the trail during training runs.


Harnesses come in many sizes and colors. Someday we’ll have all matching harness – won’t that be cool.


Monkey runs in team and wheel position. He is an energetic fun-loving guy.


Ruby is a solid team dog who also runs well in wheel position. She is shy, sweet and loves to run.


Diego is a solid lead dog. And every time we stop, he practices the stop, drop, and roll fire drill.


Hark is our fearless lead dog. He is stoic with a strong heart.

Race Team – 2015

Race Team – 2015