Mushing School

The Noble Paws Mushing School is designed to teach participants how to run their own team of sled dogs. Students are taught how to dog mush using our adaptive equipment and our team of Alaskan huskies. Mushing school consists of two 90 minute lessons in which participants will be taught to harness a sled dog, hook up the team and ultimately run their own team.*

Skills Taught at Mushing School

  • Sled dog positions and roles within the team
  • Steering, stopping and general control of a dog sled
  • Lead dog commands and communication
  • Harnessing the dogs
  • Moving dogs from one position in the team to another
  • Care and feeding of the dogs

Mushing School Details

  • Number of participants: Up to two per lesson time
  • Lesson duration: 90 minutes
  • Location**: Alaska Dog Mushing Hall/Murphy Dome trails
  • Gear provided: Dogs, adaptive equipment/sled, some winter clothing

Mushing School Dates**

Mushing school consist of two, 90 minute lessons given on Saturdays and Sundays. School begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 2:30 pm.


  • 2023-24 season dates TBA.

Mushing School Cost

  • Two Day School: $200

Discounts offered for students who participate on multiple weekends.
Scholarships available at

Application Deadline: There is no deadline to apply but space is limited. We encourage you to apply early.

Other Information


Participants must fill out a Registration Form prior to scheduling their lessons. Applications are quick and easy.


Participants will need to dress appropriately for the weather. Noble Paws has some winter gear that participants can use, but cannot guarantee to meet all needs.

See our “What to Wear” list


Financial scholarships are available. Learn more about our scholarship program.


If you are unable to participant in mushing school but would still like to experience the joy of running a dog team, we can do one day trips.


Please note: Noble Paws serves people experiencing disabilities. Applicants may be asked to verify any diagnosed disability prior to participation in programs.

* Independent running of a team is dependent on the individual ability of the participant.
** Mushing School dates and locations may change due to weather or conflicts with other mushing events.