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Cabin in Alaska for Dog Mushing NonprofitWith one stroke of the pen, I purchase a cabin on 5 acres in Fairbanks, Alaska. The main purpose of this purchase was to provide a home of Noble Paws. The cabin is right next to miles of dog mushing trails and the acreage provides enough room for a dog team as well as potential future growth for a handlers cabin.

It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but things lined up perfectly- timing, funding, location, price, etc. Noble Paws is no longer something I want to do… it is something I have to do. And that’s not just because I took on a mortgage. There was a point last year when this idea was no longer something I dreamed of doing… it had become something I had to do.

And I couldn’t do it without the support of our new board. Betsy Lyons and Tracy Mikowski are great to work with and very supportive. Starting a new nonprofit from scratch can be intimidating. It is good to have these two friends to lean on when times get stressful or overwhelming.

And thank you to my mom, Alain D‘, David Strand and Betsy (again). You literally invested in me. Your belief in the cause and my ability to make it happen (with all of you supporting me) is humbling. This couldn’t happen without you.

This is the start of a new adventure. And from this point on it ceases being about me or my dream. Now, it is about Noble Paws. And it just has to be done.

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