You can help support Noble Paws by sponsoring a dog. All sponsor money goes directly towards the care and feeding of these great dogs and the programs they help make possible.


When it comes to caring for the needs of our dogs we spare no expense. This includes high quality dog food, straw for the dog houses, veterinary care, regular vaccinations, and fat and protein supplements (meat and fish) in their diet.

Taking care of a dog team takes a lot of resources. In fact, the biggest expense for Noble Paws is animal care.







Suzy is the token pet dog of the kennel. While she has worn a harness and been in a team in the past, she does not enjoy it and has never been a real sled dog. Her favorite activity is eating anything (including onions and any other veggies)!

Thank you Charity Jameson for sponsoring Suzy!


India retired several years ago. She is an Iditarod finisher and prefers to live in the house and visits the dog yard frequently. She is a cancer survivor and has a special place in our hearts.

Future Talent


Zev is the latest addition to the kennel, He comes from champion lines and is distantly related to almost everyone in the kennel. Zev is very playful and loves to follow the four wheeler on dog runs!

Zev was born June 20th 2023


Sake is our pint-sized porch pup whose favorite pastime is sleaping in chairs. Her motto is ‘Any chair, anywhere’.

Sake was born February 22nd 2023

Thank you Desiree Weaver for sponsoring Sake!

The Athletes


4 year old Defiant is extremely driven and can lead or run in any position on the team. She is one of the WW2 Airplane litter and will always make friends with the kids first. She is one of the best hunting dogs in the kennel and is one of Dan’s favorites.


Everyone loves Grumman. 4 years old, he is fast, smart, and a good cuddler, what he had to be to survive as the smallest of the WW2 Airplane Litter. His siblings are half again his size but Grumman makes up for it by being very athletic and can lead a team or run anywhere else on the team.


Vought is the dog that is usually running around at the kennel or off leash at events. She is a strong leader but most of her happiest moments are as a hunting dog. Vought is 4 and is part of the WW2 Airplane Litter. Vought finished CB300 and Quest 300 as a yearling.


Helldiver is an absolute teddy bear who loves to cuddle! He can lead a team or he can cuddle up in the kids bedroom as their companion. He is 4 years old and part of the WW2 Airplane Litter.


Valiant is a 4 year old barrel chested warrior. When she was 1.5 years old she lead the team to an 8th place finish in the Summit Quest at -55 degrees. One of the biggest dogs in the kennel, she is very sweet and is the goofiest of the WW2 Airplane Litter. Valiant has an obession with swimming in any body of water she sees, and is an excellent leader that will guide any sized team through overflow!


Corsair is a 4 year old gentle giant that loves puppies and little kids. He is a talented leader and the father of Sonar, Bering, and Nautilus. Kaycee’s favorite boy and the tallest and most mellow of the WW2 Airplane Litter.


If the WW2 Airplane Litter had a queen, it would be Dauntless. Talented Leader, superb athlete, she lead the team to the finish line in the Copper Basin 300 and Summit Quest 300 at only 1.5 years old. Mom of the Gold Mine Litter and 4 years old.


7 year old Fuli is the Matriarch of the kennel. Mom of the WW2 Airplane litter, Fuli is an Iditarod finisher and an excellent leader. She is a sweetheart who is obsessed with her 7 kids. If you knew Noodle from Steve’s kennel, Fuli is Noodles sister!


Ceviche is 7 and is best described as an aggressive cuddler. Extemely motivated and can run in any position including lead. Adopted at 3, one of the few dogs in the kennel that we did not raise from birth.


Spinnaker is 6 and is a great companion, and leader (spoiled sassy little princess that will only run for Kaycee or a kid she chooses). She prefers to be inside and somehow regardless of diet and exercise is always tubby. Part of the Ocean Family, Mom of Bouy, Sonar, and Bering.


3 year old Bering is a boy that loves playing with a ball. Part of the second Ocean Litter, he will be running with us and living part time with his Mom Christy up on the mountain.


Sonar is part of the 3 year old Ocean Litter, she is a driven leader that can run in any position, and she is Kaycee’s favorite girl.


Nautilus is pure screaming harness banging energy when you hook her up to the gangline. 3 years old and part of the 2nd Ocean Litter, she is very sweet and friendly.


Buoy is 4 years old and part of our first Ocean Litter and looks just like her dad, Nitro. Buoy shares alot of his personality as well, super driven, overly affectionate, and never needs a leash. Buoy finished the CB300 and the Quest 300 at 12 months old.


Fathom is 4 years old and the half brother to our first Ocean Litter and was born on the same day. He was a single pup born to Ballast and was very sick when he was little. He made his way into our hearts while he was recoverying and had to have IV fluids for a couple weeks. He is now one of the biggest dogs in the kennel and is very friendly. He shares some of his dad Nitro’s personality and is driven, affectionate, and a good Leader.


Growly-Bally is just that- growly. She talks by growling and does it even as she is getting pets with tail wagging.  Ballast is 6 years old and was born on the same day as Spinnaker. Her mission in life is collecting gloves, socks, bones, and Dan’s tools to take to Fathom’s circle for him to play with.  She and her son Fathom are best friends and tussle constantly. If any other dogs even look at Fathom she is there to defend him. Ballast likes to run in swing, or where ever Fathom is.


Nitro is the dad of Buoy and Fathom. He is a great leader and overly affectionate. He can grin, he is super loyal, and is always at your feet so he never needs a leash!


Dredge is 2 years old and the stocky one of the Gold Mine Litter. Built like a brick and extremely affectionate.He can run with the team as well as lead a team.


Flume is 2 years old and the princess of the Gold Mine Litter. She looks like her mom Dauntless and has some of her best qualities as well. She is a very motivated and affectionate leader who loves to be close to Kaycee.


Placer is 2 years old and the big strong doofus of the Gold Mine Litter. He stands out with his stubborness but is a dependable team dog.


Sourdough is Placer’s better half. 2 year old from the Gold Mine Litter, he is calm, shy and submissive at first, but very friendly and sweet. He has run in lead, but is still in leader training and is a dependable team dog.

Thank you Shayle Hutchison for sponsoring Sourdough!


Dasher is 7 years old and the newest member of the kennel. Kaycee has known Dasher and his brother Beetle since they were young. Dasher still thinks he is a puppy but is a great leader!


Beets boy is Dashers brother and the largest dog in our kennel. He is a long legged leader that weighs over 85 pounds!