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The past week we started our 100 day fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $32,000. This will cover the design and construction of 4-6 dog sleds specifically made for people with disabilities. It will also help us pay for the care of a 20 dogs as well as the ever important insurance. If these expenses get met, then Noble Paws will happen.

Our board president is planning to step down from his role on the board to become our Executive Director (dog musher that administrates,¬†writes grants, runs social media campaigns, etc) for free. He is prepared to drive a school bus to pay his bills just so Noble Paws can happen. (Steve secretly wanted to be a school bus driver anyway). So let’s make it happen.

This past week, we launched a “share & win” campaign on our Facebook page to encourage people to spread the word about Noble Paws. Each post was shared by dozens of people and reached nearly 1000 people with every post. That is just AWESOME. Thank you to all who helped spread the word.


So, Noble Paws would like to welcome our visitors that found us through I link a the Facebook page. We are honored to be mentioned on their page and glad you made the visit to our website. (For those unaware of our mention on their page, stick around… there is more exciting news coming your way soon.)

Lastly, we want to thank all those who already donated to our campaign. We are truly appreciative of your support. And if you haven’t donated yet, just use the button below to help make Noble Paws a reality for people with disabilities.

Until next time,

Steve (future bus driver)

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