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Muffy Davis visits Noble Paws

Three time Paralympic gold medalist enjoys a ride on the Noble Paws “Bomber” during a break in the Alaska Challenge Handcycle Race.

It’s gotta be one of the toughest races imagined. Participants ride a hand-propelled bicycle across the interior of Alaska from Fairbanks to Anchorage.  It’s about 400 miles and crosses a couple mountain ranges. It’s call the Alaska Challenge, and many think that “challenge” is an understatement.

So we thought we’d give the participants an opportunity to have their bikes propelled by something else… we let them use our sled dogs!

We met the racers in Nenana and brought along eight sled dogs and two of our adaptive off-road trikes. We were lucky (and honored) to have the help of Iditarod racer Bill Cotter who let us use a half-mile dirt track near downtown. This turned out to be a great location… and a great day for the racers… as everyone in the race showed up to run our dogs.

There were a lot of smiles on many faces. And none so happy as

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