A Special Thank You and Introduction

Thanks to a grant from The Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation, we were able to purchase equipment that allows people experiencing paralysis an opportunity to run their own team of sled dogs.

Also, we want to thank Lynden Transport for donating a portion of the shipping cost.

Our equipment is an ongoing work in progress. Over time we will add to our fleet and customize the equipment to better meet the needs of our participants and our dogs.

We also have four dog sleds that we use for those able to stand on the runners while running their team of dogs.

Above: Muffy Davis, three-time Paralympic gold medalist, takes some Noble Paws dogs for a ride using our Bomber off-road handcycle.


The Bomber is an off-road hand trike made by Reactive Adaptations. The forward leaning position allows for more control and handling of the bike by the rider. The chest plate provides an opportunity for the rider to rest their arms. The chest plate also tilts left and right to allow for some steering using the chest only.

We had Jake (owner of Reactive Adaptations) add oversized tires so that the trike can be used in the snow. We also had an electric assist motor added so riders can help the dog team when traveling uphill.

This piece of equipment is suitable for anyone who has a balance or paralysis disability. It does require some strength and mobility in the torso and chest area.

With future funding we plan to have the front tires removed and replaced with skis (similar to dog sled runners).


The Tad was made by Utah Trikes. It places the rider in a recumbent position making it possible to accommodate a wide variety of physical abilities. The over-sized tires make it possible for this bike to be used on snow, dirt and pavement.

We had Ashley (one of the owners at Utah Trikes) remove the foot driven drive system (pedals and chain). They replaced the pedals with foot mounts where the feet can be securely strapped in. This trike also has an electric assist motor so riders can help the dog team when traveling uphill.

This piece of equipment is suitable for anyone with a balance or paralysis disability. Since it is in a recumbent position it requires less physical strength and mobility than our Bomber.

With future funding we plan to replace the foot mounting system with brackets that hold the entire lower leg. We will also replace the wheels in the winter with a custom build ski system (similar to the runners on a dog sled).


If you are looking for a light, fast and quiet ride then the Glide, a bi-ski made by Hands On Concepts, is the equipment to use. The seat has a suspension system that absorbs bumps on the trail and is mounted on two wood-core skis.

The Glide also has two attachable our-rigger skis that prevent the ski from tipping over during turns. We also have two hand held out-rigger poles (with little skis on the end) to help riders keep their balance when running the dog team.

This piece of equipment requires core strength and arm mobility. Though, with the attachable out-riggers in place, it is possible for most anyone to use this equipment with assistance.

With future funding we will be adding a braking system to the ski. It will be a hand lever that connects to a brake-claw similar to that used in dog mushing.